An ongoing selection of writings,
thoughts and research

Thesis ‘On Dots, Lines and Circles’.
Under guidance of Annie Goodner, 2020.
(Full PDF here)

Excerpt of the essay ‘Motion Studies’ written on the project Command Line.
Under Guidance of Annie Goodner, 2018.

(Full PDF here

“ Read . It is 10 P.M and I am staring at a blank document. The clock is ticking. The cursor is ticking. Ticking. Ticking. Still no words and it is 10 P.M. As I stretch, I lighten my screen a bit more. As I stretch, I continue my search for words to write.  Continue . A continuously fast ticking sound. A sound fills an exhibition space which shows a video installation. There are three screens displayed, each standing on a big, white pedestal. The screens are spread widely from one another, set up as an assembly line, allowing the viewer to walk through the installation.  Walk . Viewing two people on each screen, they move on the rhythm of the sound. The ticking sound. The people on the screen are placed behind a desktop, with the only object on the table being a laptop in front of them. Moving to the sound together with the object, they repeat the same movements over and over again. Move. The assembly set-up of the screens, in combination with the uniformity of colours in the video –minimalised to various tones of grey– resemble a factory production. Only instead of making products, the laptop is the main (and only) tool for production within this work. Our intimate relationship with this tool has been displayed, by vizualising both our physical and mental attraction towards it. This intimate relationship has shifted our position towards work(ing).”