Super Organism


Publication design for Suzette Bousema for the project ‘Super Organism’, a multimedia project about the below-ground fungal network through which almost all plants are connected.

Printed by NPN Drukkers

Moving Beyond the Landscape


Newspaper design + online publication for festival Whynot.

“On this summer's evening, artists and scientists immerse you in their knowledge of nature, matter, life, and landscape. Under the old trees of the Tolhuistuin in the heart of Amsterdam, learn about the landscape's constant construction in relation to the body and mind.”

Nourished Daily


Identity and packaging design for the sustainable beauty and living brand Nourished, for their new line called Nourished Daily.

The City is a Choreography


Photography book for Melissa Schriek
Printed by Rob Stolk 
Selected for the Best Dutch Book Designs, 2020


I.C.W. Catalogtree


Exhibition design for "WEIDS — The Beauty of the North Holland Landscape" at Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. In Assistence of Catalogtree.

Sam Velenne Reith, 2021