On Dots, Lines and Circles

On Dots, Lines and Circles is an exploration into the terms repetition, circulation and liminality, both in time-based art and artistic practices, and in the experiences of contemporary and digital time. The works written about all use their body and bodily rhythms in order to create work, that repeats, evolves and becomes visible over time. The thesis mentions works by Richard Long, Anne-Theresa de Keersmaeker and Francis Alÿs, artists who use their body in order to make a work visible, and who create works in a space of ones own,  which is often created through the use of repetitive and circulating gestures.
    The thesis questions and proposes ways on how these works can help us structure —or understand, feel, embody— our current time better, focussing on embodied ways of experiencing a work of art, but also on slowing down and encourages stepping away from digital streams and loops.

BA Thesis

On Dots, Lines and Circles (installation)

On Dots Lines and Circles is  recorded on cassette tapes,
playing with this idea of looping and adding
another sense  (hearing) to a text on senses,
allowing the viewer to listen to it in the space of ones own.